Advancing safety in the construction and agriculture machinery value chain

  • Applying functional safety to machinery and interpreting EN 13849, EN 61508 and ISO 25119
  • Understanding risk assessment, safety requirements and the safety certification process for EE systems
  • Developing a proper safety concept, system development process and apply functional safety to critical systems
  • Evaluating the safety process in autonomous systems and the possibilities of human machine partnership
  • Looking at embedded software architectures and develop safety of software critical applications and systems
  • Managing hardware failures and verification and validation of control systems 
  • Understanding HARA, the safety certification process and correctly apply

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your understanding of standards for safety functions for non-road mobile machinery


technological trends in manufacturing that will influence your management of safety applications


about identification and qualification of tools and tool chains for better and safer software development


complex safety management caused by increasingly elaborate system architectures within vehicles and machines


risk assessment approaches applicable to mobile machinery in order to define safety requirements more reliably

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